On Friday, April 5, I had the great honour to take yogascapes pictures within an extraordinary masterpiece – 'The Seven Heavenly Palaces' – by the German painter and sculptor Anselm Kiefer at HangarBicocca in Milan, Italy. Such an appropriate space! The masterpiece owe its name to the palaces described in the ancient Hebrew treatise – the “Book of Palaces/Shrines” - which describes the symbolic path of spiritual initiation for those who want to come into the presence of God.

And what a delight to shoot in the company of two wonderful souls, Virginia Tucci and Gianmarco Coventry, so unique thanks to their sweetness, dedication to yoga and glowing contagious smiles.

A selection of images is now available on this website, in the 'galleries' section. Check it out! I hope you can enjoy a bit of the surreal atmosphere I breathed on Friday, while letting myself inspired by that piece-of-art and its own title and story.

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Of course, a big 'thank you!' goes to all those that made it possible, from the manager and staff at the HangarBicocca to the skilfull Gianmarco and Virginia!


And for more information about the location: