Rosa Tagliafierro is a professional photographer as well as a passionate and daily yoga practitioner.

She firstly felt in love with photography at the age of 21 and worked in a studio for 7 years, till she had to face a totalizing job in a global company. Nonetheless, even during her years spent as a manager in a global company, travelling a lot and living in different countries, photography was a constant and joyful presence in her life. She was especially interested in capturing people expressions and preserving images of landscapes from her several trips around the world.

When she met yoga at the age of 34, several things started changing in her life bringing her to fully dedicate to photography. Hence, her desire to combine two major passions: photography and yoga in what is defined as 'yogascapes' – pictures combining yoga and landscapes. She started yogascaping in Mysore (India) while spending a few months studying at the K. Pattabhi Jois Ashtanga Yoga Institute: how not to take advantage of the colourful, contradictorious and magical India? On the other side, how could she forget all her asana practices done in hotel rooms and yoga studios all around Europe? Rosa believes in 'yoga anywhere, anyhow' and this is the message she conveys through her pictures that become 'images of yoga, instants of life'!

Rosa is currently based in Milan (Italy) but as a world traveller she is as comfortable on a plane as on a bus and loves the challenges of shooting in different environments. She is the first photographer specialized in yogascapes in Italy and though yoga photography is today her main dedication, she never stops to portray the beauty in all of its manifestations.